Thunderbird 91.5.0 Stable is a security update that addresses several issues in the open source email client.

The new version of Thunderbird Stable is already available. It is pushed to the user systems unless the automatic update has been deactivated.

Thunderbird users can manually check for updates to install the update early. Choose Help> About Thunderbird to view the installed version and have Thunderbird manually check for updates. Users who do not see the menu bar will have to press the Alt key on the keyboard to view it.

Only three entries are listed in the official release notes: two relate to issues that have been fixed in the e-mail client, one refers to the security advisory page, which details the security issues that have been fixed in the client.

The two non-security issues that have been fixed fix a display issue for RSS keyword labels and missing information on the Thunderbird About dialog page.

The security advisory page for Thunderbird 91.5 lists 14 security issues, many of which stem from the …

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