Many of these unsubstantiated claims stem from a case in Antrim County, Mich., When a spelling mistake in reporting caused the county to first show a landslide vote in favor of Mr. Biden. The bug was soon fixed, but conspiracy theorists have settled on the incident as evidence that the vote was rigged.

Files “have been deleted from the Dominion system in Antrim County. We know for sure, ”said Matt DePerno, an attorney who fought to investigate the incident, told Mr. Lindell in the film. “Wow,” replied Mr. Lindell.

There was no proof that votes in the county have been rigged, and a hand-counted audit The number of votes in December confirmed the result there.

Mr. Lindell interviewed retired Lt. Col. Phil Waldron, another member of the movement that was struggling to overthrow the elections. Mr Waldron, who said his military background included “information warfare,” urged them unsubstantiated claim that the Chinese government has invested money in Dominion and therefore has access to their files and data.

“Lots of votes, direct access to Pennsylvania constituencies, county tabulation centers, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, all direct from overseas, with China being the predominant,” Waldron said.

He also claimed that overseas servers in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom somehow played a role in manipulating the results. The manipulation, Waldron said, was “part of a coup d’état supported and facilitated by a foreign-threatened nation-state, a hostile nation-state: China.”

Election officials and cybersecurity experts have announced this no credible evidence that China helped Mr. Biden win the election.

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