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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was released on November 11th on all major platforms including the Switch. However, for people who bought the game on PC, they will no longer be able to play the game shortly after it was released. Now, three days later, there are fans quiet no access to the game you bought days ago without an update from Rockstar if the GTA trilogy becomes playable again.

That remastered Grand Theft Auto Trilogy got off to a very, very rocky start with players on all platforms Report various graphic errors, gameplay errors, and other annoying changes and optimizations to the classic games of the PS2 era. But while gamers on Xbox One or PS5 or Switch struggle with annoying bugs and strange visual issues, gamers on PC won’t be able to play any of the games in the collection.

Shortly after the games started on PC on November 11th Rockstar ripped them out of the store while the Rockstar Games PC Launcher crashed, Rendering other rock star titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 unplayable for many. After 18+ hours of downtime, the launcher came back online late that day on November 12, but Rockstar stated that the remastered GTA trilogy would remain unplayable.

Now three days after launch it’s still missing from the game’s official store pagewhich means no one can currently buy it on PC as the game did not launch on Steam, only on the Rockstar store. Even if you did buy it, you still can’t play it as it needs an internet connection through it Rockstar Games Launcher.

Rockstar was extremely calm about the whole situation. His official support account on Twitter hasn’t tweeted in almost a day and the last current update on the situation came via tweet on November 12th.

According to Rockstar about the latest update, this is the reason for the remastering GTA Games remain unplayable is that the company is currently removing files that were “inadvertently included in those versions”. Not a word on which files will be removed, although many speculate that it could be all of the unlicensed songs that are in there San Andreas Code. Or maybe it’s all the developer comments and leftover bits of the infamous sex mini-game code “Hot Coffee” that Dataminer found in the collection.

As you might expect, this has resulted in a lot of frustration and many, many refund requests. While the Remasted collection hasn’t received much positive praise and is a bit of a mess, gamers still spent $ 60 on these games (which are entirely single-player and have no online gameplay, by the way) and can now three days later they still don’t play them.

Rockstar and the developer behind the remasters, Grove Street Games, are believed to be working hard to bring these games back to the PC launcher. Until then, I’d suggest players buy the classic games on Steam while they wait for these remasters to return. but Rockstar has already pulled them out. So … I guess play GTA V?

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