Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise and companies are spending more on IT security and risk management technologies, according to a report by Gartner. US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order designed to improve cybersecurity in the country and protect federal government networks.

The order is in response to several devastating recent cyberattacks, including the Russian compromise of SolarWinds Orion, the Chinese hack of Microsoft Exchange Server, and the ransomware attack that crippled the Colonial Pipeline.

Listen: My TechDecisions Episode 131: Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity

Which protocols can IT managers prioritize with employees so that the company does not fall victim to an attack?

Password management

Cyber ​​security often starts with password management. Password management tools are often a good place to start, as most will help generate strong passwords that are hacker-proof. Installing multi-factor authentication wherever your accounts support it is another way to …

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