This wireless security camera kit is perfect for tech-savvy dads and its price…


If you’re struggling to find a great Father’s Day gift for Dad because he already has lots of BBQ’s, we’ve sourced a unique gift that any dad would love and he’ll get it just in time for his special day.

This wireless security camera is a great gift for the dad who wants to protect his family with the latest and greatest technology, and for a limited time you can enjoy a special price and save $200.

The Scenes One Camera Kit: 4 Cameras + Gateway is the first wireless security camera to use SkyLine technology to give Dad incredible range while consuming very little power. This unique technology features WiFi HaLow, allowing it to penetrate walls deeply, has a range of over 5,400 square feet, and lasts up to 12 months on a single charge. That means you get better connectivity with this camera without sacrificing the basic features of a security camera.


With the Scenes One Camera Kit, dad not only has a superior surveillance camera, but also…

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