cloud flare (NETWORK 4.38%) has made a name for itself with accelerating and protecting websites. The company’s edge network now spans 275 cities around the world, with almost all internet users within 50 milliseconds of a Cloudflare server. The company slides between the end user and the server, storing data and absorbing malicious traffic.

What makes Cloudflare special is its immense optionality. It’s huge edge network is useful for so much more than just boosting site performance. The company continually releases new products and features that leverage its network, including a full-fledged serverless computing platform. It is possible for a developer to deploy an application entirely on Cloudflare and avoid the big cloud platforms entirely.

The long-term potential is enormous and the company is growing rapidly. Revenue grew 51% in 2021 and over 1,400 customers spend at least $100,000 annually on Cloudflare’s platform. The company estimates that its total…

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