This technology company has grown into a major player in the cloud computing industry


As Amazon (AMZN 0.25%) continues to rake in billions in e-commerce revenue, the cloud computing business is booming. In this video clip from “Ask Us Anything”. Motley Fool Live, recorded on contributor Connor Allen discusses how AWS could be the big growth driver of the company’s future.

Connor Allen: Amazon is trading at 50 times earnings from its lowest valuation ever. Do I think that means it’s undervalued? That’s a future growth prospects question that you need to answer for yourself.

Now I would like to say that AWS has become a big player in the cloud computing industry. There was a study conducted by Grand View Research and they estimated the compound annual growth rate of the entire cloud computing industry through 2030 and they said it should be around 14-15% CAGR, compound annual growth rate through 2030 .

Now, looking at this market research, sometimes it can be completely wrong, but I think…

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