Too many people mistakenly assume that there is some kind of protective force field around their mobile device and that they will never deal with an issue like a hacked iPhone. Perhaps it’s a combination of the closed nature of the Apple ecosystem combined with the rugged protection that iOS offers. Whatever the reason, you constantly come across Apple users who assume that Android devices are virus-contaminated magnets for all kinds of security threats. While Apple products like iPhones and iPads with iOS and iPadOS are kind of flawless and impenetrable.

The bottom line is of course that it’s hard, but not impossible, to hack an iPhone. Apple can certainly do a great job of bringing you an impressively secure device. But it’s all for free when you download horrific apps and engage in gruesome personal security practices online. In other words, the iPhone manufacturer cannot save you from yourself.

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iVerify – Download this iPhone app now

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This brings us to an app that you should definitely know. Especially if you never want to experience the nightmare of your iPhone getting hacked.

iVerify, which costs $ 2.99, currently has a 4.7 rating on the App Store (based on roughly 1,400 user ratings). It describes itself as a “personal security toolkit”. One that, according to the app makers, allows you to manage the security of your iOS device and detect changes on your smartphone. iVerify makes it (also) easy to manage the security of your accounts and your online presence with simple instructions. “

iVerify has a version for both Individuals as well as Organizations. And the many useful advantages that the app offers include “Protection Guides”. These are summaries and instructions that will show you how to add additional layers of security to your device. Also important to know: the version of iVerify for organizations costs $ 3 / user / month after an initial seven-day trial period.

A version of iVerify for Android devices is said to be coming soon too.

iPhone hacked? Yes, it can happen

It is so important to know about an app like this. Because iPhone bugs and security threats are much more common than the average user might think.

By 2021, there was already a deluge of news related to iPhone security and Apple threat disclosure. For example, Apple released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 back in January after it became known that a researcher had found a way for attackers to remotely hack some iPhones and iPads.

Apple is also working harder to close the hatches related to iMessage security. Until recently, this app was a popular attack vector for security threats like zero-click attacks. “IMessage is a built-in service on every iPhone, so it’s a huge target for sophisticated hackers,” said Johns Hopkins cryptographer Matthew Green told Wired earlier this year. “It has a lot of bells and whistles too. And each and every one of these features gives hackers a new way to find bugs that allow them to take control of your phone. “

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