The shares of ASM Technologies were locked in the upper loop for the 12th consecutive day, rising 5 percent to Rs 687.50, which is quoted at an all-time high on the BSE. Last month, the stock is up 166 percent, while it is up 323 percent over the past six months.

The herd is currently classified in category X of the BSE. The X group includes all stocks that are only listed on BSE. Until 11:28 a.m. around 91,000 shares in BSE had changed hands and purchase orders were pending for 3,106 shares.

The development of the company’s share price is purely market-related and absolutely market-driven. The management was in no way connected with such a price movement, the company announced in a clarification on December 10, 2021.

“Please note that there is no such information or event that is significant and price sensitive that the company may need to disclose to investors …


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