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This is what Android 12’s wallpaper-based themes look like


Before the first The Android 12 developer preview landed last week, on leak suggested that the upcoming version could have a significant redesign with colors based on the active background image. And while the first version of Android 12 doesn’t look too different from its predecessor, there are some changes hidden beneath the surface, such as: Redesigned lock screen and notification shadow as well as UI elements bathed in baby blue – first indications of extended topic options. Thanks to some digging by ROM developers @ kdrag0n On Twitter, it looks like the leak is correct.

kdrag0n managed to activate and reverse engineer some hidden system properties to activate the wallpaper-based theme “Monet” (presumably in honor of the French impressionist painter Claude Monet). The developer shared some variations that pull different colors from background images and showed that both the notifications and the shadow background, and The tiles for the quick settings react dynamically to background images (compare the QA tiles in the screenshots above and below). The background color is also reflected in the system settings, in which a lighter shade forms the background.

Some variations.

The theme on the lock screen is much more subtle, as notification backgrounds bathed in a bright, wallpaper-based color are the only tell-tale sign. However, if you pull down the notification shade, you will immediately notice the wallpaper based opaque background.

About: Hidden theme activated on lock screen. Below: Current standard experience for Android 12.

The developer spoke with XDA and explained how they managed to enable the unfinished background image behavior: “I enabled the feature after setting a system property. However, it had no effect as DP1 does not contain system color palettes. It works by dynamically based RRO overlays applied to color similarity, so I reverse engineered SystemUI to figure out how to create the overlays. After that, I wrote a script to generate overlays based on Google’s official Material Design color palettes. Monet started working once the color palettes installed. “kdrag0n was also added on twitter You are confident that Google is working on adding rounded corners to notifications in the leaked models below.

The Android 12 design mock-up that leaked before the first developer preview.

While Google hasn’t implemented working color palettes yet, this is as close as possible to the pre-Android 12 models. With these theme options already in place, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a brand new look once the beta comes out later that year.

You can find more information about the launch of Android 12 in our announcement post with the new features Here. If you want to install Developer Preview on your own device, find out how to do it our Android 12 download instructions.

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