This is how you achieve sustainable security


A little over a year ago I was lucky enough to buy a tiny cottage in the English countryside. The house had been tended, with a clear path in and out, but the rest of the garden and small orchard had become overgrown and were mostly inaccessible without running the gauntlet of thorns and nettles. As I cleared away the stinging nettles and pulled brambles from the treetops, it occurred to me that this situation is not dissimilar to that often found in IT security — and that security infrastructures could use a bit of decluttering, too. But where to start?

Many companies have a well-maintained inventory of core applications with a clear way of accessing them, typically through a VPN (opens in new tab). In addition, over time they have added security solutions to defend against external and internal threats. In doing so, however, they have cultivated a complex, overgrown security environment that is difficult to maintain and often creates user experience challenges as well,…

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