This Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra color choice is difficult


They know Samsung will finish those big unpacked event details when all the press renders for their new devices show up, and that’s happening now. Yesterday we took a look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen at our best and today we’re getting more, with color options for the Galaxy S22 and the ultras.

The people at 91 Cell Phones published rendering sets that show the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra from all angles and in all supposed colors. If there were any questions about the designs for any of the phones they should all be answered. The Galaxy S22 looks like a slightly refined Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like the continuation of the Galaxy Note line after a year of hiatus.

Neither will look that fresh, and 2022 could very well be a little upgrade year from Samsung, but that’s not always a bad thing when what they deliver resonates with Samsung’s biggest fans.

Galaxy S22 vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 x S22 Ultra

This first picture gives you the clearest example of how the S22 and S22 + differ from the Ultra line. Samsung started that transition last year when it added S Pen support to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but if you missed it, Samsung completely relocated its Galaxy S series into two camps. You have the regular S-line and the S-Ultra line, with the Ultra now essentially meaning “hint”.

As with the S21 / S21 + and S21 Ultra, Samsung will tell you that the S22 and S22 + with the most goodies are for you if you want the classic Galaxy S experience and don’t want to pay $ 1,200. just not everything. If you want the ultimate ultimate, You need a huge amount of cash and you want the S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 colors

Galaxy S22 colors

As for the colors of the Galaxy S22 (and we’re going to assume the Galaxy S22 +), Samsung apparently offers white, black, green, and pink options. Overall, these phones just look like the Galaxy S21 range and that’s probably fine. The S21 was unique enough, I just hope Samsung will stop sacrificing the S22 as they did when they switched from S20 to S21.

Galaxy S22 Ultra colors

Galaxy S22 Ultra colors

For Galaxy S22 Ultra colors, you already saw the soft red (or “pink” for the one reader yesterday who was annoyed with us), but we will supposedly see black, white and green too. I can’t add much to this other than “colors!” We always like color options and these look very mature for Samsung. From the company that some of the worst color options these are not bad in the industry!

Is the Galaxy S22 on your radar or are we all in “Galaxy S22 Ultra or Bust” mode?

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