Technical issues are on the brink of setback.

After falling 4% to 5% in 2020, we expect technology spending to increase by 6% to 7% in 2021. We see four main drivers for this growth:

1) Continuous fine-tuning and investment in digital strategies such as cloud, security, artificial intelligence, data and automation;

2) Applications modernization initiatives, e.g. B. Container;

3) Equal investment in remote workforce infrastructure; and

4) Backlog for data center infrastructure such as servers, storage and local networks.

The main risk to this scenario remains the pace of reopening. Even if the introduction of the vaccine and herd immunity result in a slowdown in speed, we expect technology spending to grow at least 2 points faster in 2021 than GDP, which is currently forecast at 4.1%.

In this groundbreaking analysis, we will keep you updated on our latest macro view of the market and share enterprise technology research data in the following key sectors where we …


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