The Samsung The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is on its way and there’s a small chance it doesn’t have any physical buttons. This information is based on a new Samsung patent that has emerged WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and was forwarded by LetsGoDigital.

New patent suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may not have physical buttons, but that is unlikely

This patent shows a foldable smartphone with no physical buttons. Well, there is always a slim chance that this could be the Z Fold 3 as it is similar in terms of design, but probably not.

Samsung files a few such design patents each year, not many of which are realized. The timing of this patent also suggests that such technologies are unlikely to be part of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

An upcoming foldable Samsung device may eliminate the need for physical buttons, but there is always a chance. These new buttons are detailed in this patent because they have some interesting functions.

These digital buttons are heavily dependent on gestures

These new sensors / digital buttons, designed to replace physical buttons, are expected to rely heavily on gestures. You can operate them by tapping them or sliding your finger over them. Gesture actions can also be assigned by the user, some of them as well.

Some actions can be activated with a simple tap, e.g. B. triggering the power switch. However, you can increase or decrease the volume by swiping. The squeeze functionality is also detailed. One of these squeeze gestures, for example, activates the Edge window.

As a reminder, Samsung has patented something similar for its foldable smartphone lineup. That patent surfaced last month. Therefore, Samsung can implement this technology in its future leaflets.

The galaxy Z fold 3 and Z flip 3 are expected to start in August. Both devices showed up in pictures, but these two leaks are a bit sketchy. We’ll have to wait for more information to be sure. However, there is a chance that both phones contain physical buttons.

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