It’s hard enough to get your hands on a modern console these days – let alone find one on sale. But if you are in the market for one Xbox Series S, you can do just that now.

Microsoft’s entry-level console is currently $279 at Woot!, that’s $20 off and the first big discount we have on a next-gen system. The offer is only available today (January 21st) and you get free shipping if you are one Amazon Prime member, so we recommend jumping on it quickly if you’re interested. And even if you set your sights on the high-end PS5 or Xbox Series X, there are plenty of reasons to add the Series S to your entertainment hub.

The best console for most people

The excellent performance and games library of the Xbox Series S make it the best value console game, especially at this rare $20 discount.

We consider the Xbox Series S to be the currently the best overall value in the console game, as it offers many of the same core features as its more expensive counterparts at a fraction of the price. This tiny white box packs some seriously powerful performance capable of running top titles like gears 5 and Doom Eternal at up to 120 frames per second and 1440p resolution (TLDR; your games will look very sharp and smooth).

And like the $499 Xbox Series X, it packs a super-fast solid-state drive (SSD) for loading games instantly, plus an incredibly handy Quick Resume feature that lets you pause a handful of games at once, right there can go on where you like in each of them left out. All of these features are packed into the most compact and best looking design of any new console, which is much easier to fit under your TV than a Series X or PS5.

Plus: The best accessory for your new Xbox Series X or S

The Series S can play all current blockbusters call of Duty to Guardians of the Galaxy, many of which are optimized to run on the small Microsoft console. And if you interject Xbox Game Pass Subscription that gets you hundreds of games and all first-party Xbox releases on day one starting at $10 per month becomes the cheapest Xbox at a super low price.

Of course, you make some compromises at this low price, especially in terms of performance and storage space. the Series S cannot run games in 4K like the PS5 and Xbox Series X can, although it can still stream entertainment content in Ultra HD resolution. It’s got a fairly small 512GB SSD with just 364GB of usable storage that fills up pretty quickly if you don’t opt ​​for a memory card. It also lacks a disc drive, meaning you can only download your games digitally and can’t run physical titles and Blu-rays.

Despite these caveats, the Series S is the console I turn to the most. Modern titles like Halo infinity and ForzaHorizon 5 looks and runs fantastic, and while I love the PS5’s exclusive games, I personally prefer the overall user experience on the Xbox. And if you are tired of constantly updating your browser PS5 replenishment or Replenishment for Xbox Series X, you’ll find a lot to love about the miniature game box from Microsoft at this rare discount price. Just make sure you use the $20 you save towards a Game Pass subscription – you’ll thank us later.

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