Microsoft has confirmed the launch of an update to the Xbox Game Pass app that targets the Surface Duo specifically, effectively turning the foldable dual-screen device into an Xbox portable console.

This update could be a big deal for mobile gamers as it effectively turns one half of the screen into a gamepad that gives off some serious Nintendo DS / 3DS vibes. Microsoft has continuously updated the Xbox Touch Controls to support over 50 games on the xCloud service. The downside is that the pricing of the Surface Duo begs the question of how profitable it would be for die-hard Xbox gamers out there.

However, if you already have the Surface Duo and a subscription to the Xbox Cloud gaming service, this is a nice touch that at least sets the foldable apart from others on the market. Microsoft has not disclosed any information on whether other foldable devices will receive the split-screen controls. It’s likely to be exclusive for now, but it would make sense to allow devices like Samsung and Xiaomi to access the gaming layout.

Touch controls have been available for a wide variety of Xbox Game Pass titles for a while, but the Surface Duo’s advanced on-screen touch controls have so far been limited to a partial selection of the entire library. However, the selection includes some of the most popular, including Gears of War 5.

The update for the Xbox Game Pass app is currently being posted on the website Google Play Store should you run out of money on the Surface Duo – which disappointingly still runs on Android 10 …

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