Cloud computing is fast establishing itself as one of the leading disruptive technologies.

Consultants can use this topic to benefit customer portfolios with WisdomTree’s new Portfolio for disruptive growth models.

“The WisdomTree Disruptive Growth ETF model portfolio targets structural growth themes that are believed to drive innovations in various industries and segments of society in the future,” said the issuer. “The themes and associated ETFs selected for inclusion tend to have growth forecasts that are above the market. The model portfolio aims for maximum long-term capital growth and can include both WisdomTree and non-WisdomTree ETFs. “

As WisdomTree NotesThe view that FAANG stocks could be replaced by MT SAAS – Microsoft, Twilio, Salesforce, Amazon, Adobe, and Shopify – adds to the appeal of the cloud thesis.

“The 2020 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud computing and Bessemer believes we are in the midst of a major technological fault.

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