Britain is facing a cyber reckoning with the East, one of the UK’s best ghosts to be signaled today.

GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming, head of the government’s wiretapping station, told experts that action was needed if Western democracies were to retain the powers to decide the future of critical engineering systems.

At the CyberUK 2021 virtual conference, he said: “Without action, it becomes increasingly clear that the key technologies we rely on for prosperity and security are not shaped and controlled by the West.

“We can see that significant technology leadership is moving east.

“It creates a conflict of interest, a conflict of values ​​where prosperity and security are at stake.

GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming

“It follows that cybersecurity is an increasingly strategic issue that requires a holistic approach in order to continue to take advantage of the technology.

“These are really big issues and they have big stakes.

“There is no doubt that we …


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