The Chromium-based Vivaldi browser has come a long way since its introduction on Android in 2019. The browser is regularly updated with new features and functions Improvements. Case in point: the team has just finished published Vivaldi 3.8 on Android and desktop, which brings a number of improvements and privacy improvements, including blocking cookie dialogues, improved multilingual support, blocking Google’s FLoC, and much more.

The first notable change is better multilingual support. With the new update, users can now change the language of their choice directly in the browser. Previously, Vivaldi followed the default system language without the option to select a different language for the browser. So if you had set English as the default system language Vivaldi would display everything in English and there was no way to switch to another language unless you changed the default language on your device. Now the browser has a special language settings page where you can quickly switch to a language of your choice.

Vivaldi 3.8 language selection

Vivaldi 3.8 adds a new feature called Cookie Crumbler, which actively blocks annoying cookie dialogs and banners that many websites have to accept before you can access the content. According to Vivaldi, Cookie Crumber can block most of these cookie dialogs to allow you to grow smoothly and without distraction. Cookie Crumbler is integrated in Vivaldi’s Ad and Tracker Blocker and can be activated via “Go to” Settings> Privacy> Enable tracker and ad blocking> Manage sources> Ad blocking sources > and activate the checkbox “Remove cookie warnings”.

Vivaldi biscuit crumbler

On the desktop page, the new update lists the FLoC component, a web technology proposed by Google to replace third-party cookies. Vivaldi had made it clear earlier against FLoCciting it had privacy risks. With Vivaldi 3.8, the browser prevents the FLoC component from being downloaded and removes it if installed. In addition to Vivaldi, Brave and DuckDuckGo have also voiced their opposition to Google’s FLoC.

Finally, Vivaldi panels on the desktop will be fundamentally redesigned with fresh icons and a borderless design.

Redesigned Vivaldi 3.8 panels

Vivaldi 3.8 is now available for Android and desktop. Follow the link below to get it from the Google Play Store. In the meantime, desktop users can download the latest version of it shortcut.

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