The Virtualization of Customer Support: Customer Experience in the Metaverse


The smartphone has changed everything. The way people treat each other. How we buy products. Our expectations. This led to the most significant single change in brand and consumer interaction. But could the metaverse have an equally big impact? It looks like it could.

The Metaverse is quickly becoming a playground for brands.

people can play ‘the floor is lava’ in NIKETOWN or meet “Wendyverse.” Coca-Cola has auctioned off virtual “loot boxes,” and Chipotle gave away $1 million in free burritos during its “Boorito” Halloween sale. The brand creativity and engagement that we see on platforms like Rolobox and decentralized is inspiring, not to mention downright cool.

Brands’ interest in carving out a place in the virtual world makes sense.

Rolobox alone has 50 million daily active users. with possibly $1 trillion up for grabs from things like social commerce and events that brands are big on metaverse (and set to…

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