Defeating China is one of the few goals Democrats and Republicans in Washington can agree on – as demonstrated by a new White House executive order and the passage of a new $ 200 billion bill by the Senate, both of which target China’s tech industry .

Yes but: While the Trump administration has been impulsive and arbitrary when it comes to banning Chinese companies and products, President Biden is taking a more systematic and process-oriented approach to the China rivalry.

Push the news:

  • The Biden administration on Wednesday repealed Trump-era executive orders that threatened TikTok and WeChat’s ability to operate in the US in their current form, and replaced those regulations with a new one that required a broader review of foreign apps new standards.
  • On Tuesday, the Senate passed the US Innovation and Competition Act, which authorizes $ 200 billion to strengthen the chip industry, strengthen regional technology centers, expand the National Science Foundation, and establish a new technology directorate.

The great…


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