CHICAGO (WLS) – A new program at the University of Illinois at Chicago provides the education you need to thrive in the Chicago area’s technology landscape.

It is a robust and evolving field full of opportunity. Just Googling is currently unveiling hundreds of open cyber security and coding jobs in Chicagoland.

“Most of my clients had technical needs, the business was going digital, and I really felt I needed to know more,” said IT analyst Fabianna Rodriguez-Mercado.

Rodriguez-Mercado worked in marketing before taking up her new role as an IT analyst. She completed the Cyber ​​Security and Coding Bootcamp at the Fullstack Academy.

“For me, it is very rewarding to be challenged and overcome these challenges. And I think that’s what I like best about cybersecurity and technology in general,” she said.

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Her course was similar to what is now offered at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Right now, during the pandemic, where so many people …


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