A group of security heavyweights in the US has issued what they call an “Open Letter from Former Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security and Cyber ​​Officials Calling for a National Security Review of Congressional Technical Legislation.” These wise guardians of the national interest use their unimpeachable moral authority to assert that US technology monopolies, with names like Google, Amazon and Twitter, should be viewed as indispensable pillars of national security. Thanks to their ability to mobilize massive power not only through public channels of communication but also through the thinking and behavior of the average citizen, these oh-so-vulnerable monopolies must be protected from intrusion by legislators or other busybodies trying to limit the reach of their defensive power.

That power now includes the indispensable ability to censor and even suppress uncomfortable positions in the sacred name of national security. But instead of resorting to outright censorship, which most…

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