The UK loses £27 billion to cybercrime every year


New research by SEON has revealed that the UK is the third most affected country by online crime in the world. According to their new data, the UK loses a massive £27 billion to cybercrime every year.

The shocking data only underscores the importance of individual users and businesses in the UK taking all recommended precautions to protect themselves from cybercrime.

Countries most affected by cybercrime

That new research by SEON has identified the top ten countries identified by the Internet Crime Complaints Center and examined the cost of cybercrime in each country.

The nation hardest hit by cybercrime is China. This data shows that China loses about 800 billion yen, equivalent to US$118.4 billion, to cybercrime every year.

They’re way ahead of the rest of the world, although given China’s massive population and the fact that much of global cybercrime originated in China, that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

As a matter of fact,…

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