A recent Forrester report analyzed four generations in the workplace and examined their technology preferences. Tom Merritt lists five things Generation Z expects from their workplaces.

A Forrester report looked at what people expect from their work. Technology plays a big role, of course, but what the younger generation expects may not be what they expect. Here are five things Generation Z expect from the workplace.

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  1. Two-in-one laptops are more popular. Of the Gen Z employees surveyed who prefer a laptop, around a third prefer a 2-in-1 laptop. That’s over 23% of Millennials, or 17% of Gen Xers.
  2. Productivity tools aren’t that important. Younger workers still use them, just not that often. You will find ways to do other things than just Word and Excel.
  3. Control over security. I think it’s probably always true when …

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