Remote working led the Komando team through the 2020 part of the pandemic. We’re still working from home and thriving, but we’re not the only ones. In fact, 83% of employers say the move to remote work has served their company well, according to PWC data.

Nobody knows when life will be back to normal. Even reopened offices have to introduce new security procedures. One thing is certain, however: Countless people realized that they would rather work remotely than in the office.

If you’re looking for a new long-haul gig, you’ve come to the right place. We scoured the internet for some of the highest paying jobs that you can work from home. Whether you are a doctor or a software professional, you are sure to find a job that will grab your attention.

1. Software developer

Software developers are computer scientists who serve their company through technical principles and programming languages ​​such as HTML. You are a computer scientist whose work you visit websites or …

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