The top 10 buys and sells from our ultimate stock pickers


For the past decade, our primary goal with Ultimate Stock Pickers has been to uncover investment ideas that our equity analysts and top investment managers find attractive, in a timely manner that investors can achieve some value. As part of this process, we analyze the quarterly and monthly holdings of 26 different investment managers: 25 managers oversee mutual funds covered by Morningstar’s manager research group, and four stock pickers manage the investment portfolios of major insurance companies. As data from their holdings becomes available, we identify trends and outliers among their holdings, as well as significant purchases and sales that occurred during the study period.

In our last article, we went through our early reading of our ultimate stock pickers’ buying activity in Q1 2022. The article itself was an early read on single purchases – with an emphasis on high conviction and new money purchases – that emerged during the…

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