Colombia, Tennessee (WKRN) – The most magical place on earth quickly became an eerie destination for a Middle Tennessee family.

After a full day of fun at the Magic Kingdom, Jennifer Gaston’s 17-year-old daughter, Madison, received a notification that an Apple AirTag was moving with her as they walked to her car.

“I had no idea, no idea what an AirTag was. I had no idea,” Jennifer said. “It said it was first spotted on her at 7:09pm and we got the notification around 11:33pm.”

Madison clicked on it and saw a map listing all the places they’d run in the past four hours.

A map showing where the Gaston family had traveled based on the AirTag. (Jennifer Gaston)

“It showed the first target it was spotted on her, then it basically draws a line and makes the connections of the points where she’d been,” Jennifer said.

“I had seen videos of other people warning people about them and what they basically were. That’s how I knew what they were and I didn’t ignore the notification,” Madison said.

The Gaston family shook out all their bags and clothing in the Disney World parking lot, jumped in their truck, and drove back to their hotel without finding the AirTag. On the way they called the police.

“As a parent, I was just so hectic at the moment,” Jennifer said. “Just to think that someone had those intentions. Looking at your daughters and having those intentions was just terrifying.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says they have been assisting local departments here in the Volunteer State with similar investigations. If you find an AirTag on yourself or in your belongings, TBI says to turn it over to law enforcement. The police should be able to trace the serial number and possibly trace it back to the owner.

“It really scared me because I saw videos about it, but it’s one of those things that you never believe is going to happen to you until it actually happens,” says Madison.

The mother and daughter wish to warn others to be aware of their surroundings and to educate themselves about this new technology.

“By all means do your research and find out what these are. Have the right settings on your phone so you can make sure your phone recognizes when you have an AirTag that lands on you,” Jennifer said.

The Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office says because the family did not physically locate the AirTag, the responding deputy found no criminal violation. But investigators have recorded an incident report and are aware of the situation.

OCSO says that given the thousands of Apple products in and around a theme park, it’s possible the Air Tag notification could be “flawed”.

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