The term ‘virtual’ could soon be out of date


Alan Jurison
Alan Jurison

Alan Jurison is a Senior Operations Engineer at iHeartMedia Centralized Technical Operations and chairs the Metadata Usage Working Group on the National Radio Systems Committee.

This interview is from the recently published e-book “What’s Next for Virtualization?”. Find it under

Radio world: Alan, you said a year ago that you define virtualization as the consolidation of broadcast functions in a software environment or single-purpose hardware and facility functions at the broadcasting site. How does this definition hold up?

Alan Jurison: I think the concept is making progress. Many providers are actively consolidating functions into existing processes, be it hardware or software.

This is a transition that will happen over time. Much of what happened in the last year happened largely on existing hardware platforms to which we are used; But looking ahead, I think that as new platforms develop, we will be able to adopt what we have …


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