When starting a tutoring The market is simple, the problems often begin with scaling. Tutoring marketplaces require a tutor base who have the bandwidth and the empathy to work with students across different learning styles, goals, and levels of understanding. The nuance means that scaling up quickly is not child’s play and that edtech startups can lead to a classic market slump: the inability to grow consistently while getting clear results.

But as 2020 has shown, the demand for quick and convenient help is high. To win the post-pandemic, the sector needs to think about how to reach more students in an effective and smart way.

In 2021, tutoring platforms can’t just be middlemen making a cut. They have to be large, intelligent, and responsive.

Innovation from Quizlet, Chegg, Course Hero and Brainly shows that the future of tutoring may not look like a 30 minute video in Zoom or Google Hangouts. Instead, modern additional help could …

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