Companies are moving full steam ahead into the public cloud, unencumbered by what is happening in the economy. If anything, volatility due to Covid has increased the importance of cloud benefits and the prospect of flexibility and scalability has further accelerated that movement. Companies no longer see the public cloud as just Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Instead, they are looking for a highly integrated enterprise platform.

Data is at the heart of everything. Data warehousing in particular has emerged as the backbone of cloud data strategies. Every CIO must now face the challenge of converting their workloads from on-prem systems to cloud-native systems.

Strangely enough, a completely different dynamic emerges instead of new providers sweeping the floor with their old counterparts. Snowflake, for example, who recently positioned itself as the number one cloud migrator, had to Admit it isn’t that easy, At long last.

On the other hand is an incumbent boldly proclaims that …

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