The storage capabilities of Windows Server 2022 are related to security and speed


Many companies rely on a local Windows server for its file server capabilities. Despite its constant cloud push, Microsoft recognized this situation and expanded several storage capabilities in Windows Server 2022 to support these organizations.

File servers haven’t moved to the cloud as many expected. Some companies worry about security or availability as the drivers of keeping the data local, but for many it’s just too expensive to drag a file server to the cloud. Clouds can support different levels of data retention and access, but they still require IT staff to set them up. The local hard drive is a cheaper alternative; With control and security in mind, it’s easy to see why file servers remain in the data center. Microsoft released Windows Server 2022 with little fanfare because of the company’s focus on Azure, but there are several storage features in the latest server operating system that make upgrading to Windows Server 2022 a solid argument.



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