SteelSeries has added a new gaming mouse to its lineup, and while you can usually expect it to come at a steep price, the Rival 5 defies the trend. The Rival 5 promises a more ergonomic design for more comfortable, longer gaming, nine buttons – including quick-access buttons – and is at most half the price of competing gaming mice.

At $ 59.99, it’s almost half the price of SteelSeries’ Rival 710. That said, you still get five quick side buttons that should fall under your thumbs. Each is fully customizable depending on your preferred layout.

SteelSeries has a few suggestions, and its preferences map the most common functions in different games to different controls. This can mean stairs, floor, wall or trap Fourteen daysor pull up conjurer spells League of Legends.

It’s a wired mouse with a USB cable made of soft microfiber mesh for less drag and a lighter feel. It weighs 85 grams in total and uses new Golden Micro IP54 switches that are rated for 80 million clicks. They are also dust and water repellent.

SteelSeries PrismSync RGB lighting has 10 different zones, each capable of supporting 16.8 million different colors. SteelSeries GG allows you to link RGB lighting to different games along with apps like Discord, so you can get different color swatches for things like chat notifications.

The sensor itself is of course the most important thing. SteelSense uses its TrueMove Air sensor, which it believes has three times the accuracy of its competing gaming mice. Developed in collaboration with PixArt, it offers 1-to-1 tracking, 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS and 40G acceleration, and tilt tracking to ignore unwanted tracking for angled drops, tilt slams and quick flicks.

The SteelSeries Rival 5 is available now for $ 59.99.

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