The following comment was written by three members of the Little Hoover state commission, which acts as the oversight agency for improving state government. The authors are LHC Chairman Pedro Nava and Members Bill Emmerson and Janna Sidley.

In 2018, then Secretary of State Alex Padilla described California’s aging electoral equipment as “one of the greatest threats to the integrity of our elections.” The answer from Govs. Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom and the legislation was unprecedented. Over the next two years, California allocated well over $ 200 million to upgrade its electoral equipment in the state, and last year the state spent an additional $ 120 million to help Californians vote safely in the pandemic .

The result? The November 2020 elections were the safest in history, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Now we need to build on this dynamic. The Little Hoover Commission, California’s independent government watchdog, recommends that the …

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