Apple reveals how Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking on its popular AirPods Pro and AirPods Max will work on macOS and tvOS, with features coming in a new update later in 2021.

At the WWDC 2021, the tech giant announced that its popular spatial audio feature will work with tvOS devices and with macOS, including M1-powered MacBook Models, along with certain Track on Apple Music (which is available now). The update for macOS is not expected to be released before this fall, but Apple has provided more details on how the audio function works.

Speak with Engadget, Apple claims its spatial audio and head tracking will give those who use AirPods Pro and Max headphones an immersive surround sound experience while watching TV shows or movies in stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby Atmos -Audio provide.

Based on the position of your head, the audio technology creates the illusion of a three-dimensional sound stage, which means that it sounds like the sounds of viewed content are filling the room. The head tracking function blocks a user as soon as he looks in the same direction for a specified period of time.

The report also notes that tvOS and macOS devices pick up the AirPods Pro or Max nearby and display a pop-up notification for a quick connection – much like pairing AirPods with one iPhone or iPad. While Apple hasn’t announced a specific date when the feature should come out, we can’t wait to try the surround sound upgrade – it’s free, after all.

Apple’s WWDC 2021 event also offered a taste of it More functions for AirPodsincluding a conversation boost to make voice calls sound better and adjust the amount of ambient noise, new announcement notifications to let Siri read some of your more important notifications, and more.

Lots of cool updates were announced during Apple’s big WWDC 2021 event, including big announcements that are pending iOS 15.

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