Amazon’s next chief executive made a name for himself by launching one of the retail giant’s most profitable businesses – South Africa. Andy Jassy, ​​who joined Amazon in 1997 as Jeff Bezos’ technical assistant, founded Amazon Web Service (AWS) and later became its CEO. The web services business ushered in the era of cloud computing and now accounts for more than half of Amazon’s operating profit.

The history of AWS is incomplete without acknowledging the legendary role of an independent team of engineers and developers in Cape Town. This South African team was put together and led by Chris Pinkham, a South African who proposed a novel web infrastructure service to Amazon as the engineer responsible for its global infrastructure. Pinkham founded Amazon’s software development center in Cape Town. It would eventually become the birthplace of AWS Cloud Computing after the team successfully created the original elastic computing cloud called the EC2.

The EC2 is the …

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