Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in the economic landscape and make a significant contribution to employment and national income (GDP) in emerging countries and are at the same time forging innovation.

As these very companies had an extremely challenging year, a quantitative survey conducted by Tech Research Asia (TRA) in August 2020 of 500 Indian SMEs in order to understand the most important business challenges for SMEs found that growth, employees and costs were among the most important areas of Concern, concern.

The report was hired by AWS to survey SMBs in APJ to understand their business and technology priorities. The report offers an evidence-based approach to understanding how cloud computing can help SMB executives address their business challenges.

Backed by extensive research data, the report is designed to help you compare your situation with peers, show how others are working to overcome challenges, and introduce the cloud computing technologies that can help you do so.

Driving growth: strategies and …


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