YANGON, Myanmar (AP) – Security forces in Myanmar turned their guns on anti-coup protesters and attacked them with sticks on Monday in an attempt to quell large-scale demonstrations calling for the military junta that took power this month, to reinstate the elected government.

More than 1,000 protesters gathered outside the Myanmar Economic Bank in Mandalay, the country’s second largest city, when at least 10 trucks full of soldiers and police officers arrived and immediately fired hurled shots at the protesters, according to a photographer who witnessed the events.

The soldiers and police then attacked the protesters with sticks, and the police aimed long guns in the air amid sounds resembling gunshots. Local media reported that rubber bullets were fired into the crowd and that some people were injured. The police turned guns on protesters.

In the capital, Naypyitaw, protesters gathered in front of a police station and demanded the release of a group …


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