Apple said it has reached an agreement with right-wing social app Parler that could lead to its reinstatement in the company’s app store. Apple kicked Parler out in January for links to the deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

In a letter to two Republican lawmakers in Congress, Apple said it had “significant discussions” with Parler about how the company plans to moderate content on its network. Prior to its removal from the App Store, Parler was a hotbed of hate speech, Nazi imagery, calls for violence (including violence against certain people), and conspiracy theories.

Apple declined to comment beyond the letter, which did not provide details on how Parler intends to moderate such content. In the letter, Apple said the changes Parler proposed would result in approval of the app.

Parler said it had “introduced several new safeguards” to identify spots that “would not fall under the protection of the first amendment,” but added that it did not …

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