Websites and other infrastructures of the cybercriminal gang, believed to operate out of Eastern Europe or Russia, went dark on Tuesday when close observers of the group discovered they could not connect to REvil’s website with the victims.
Others said they couldn’t connect to the websites REvil uses to communicate with victims and collect ransom.

“All REvil sites are down, including the payment sites and the data leak site,” tweeted Lawrence Abrams, author of information security blog BleepingComputer. “The public representative of the ransomware gang [sic]”Unknown, is strangely calm.”

The reasons for REvil’s disappearance weren’t immediately clear, but a string of high-profile hackings followed by the group that took control of computers around the world. It also comes after President Joe Biden said he warned his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that there would be consequences if Moscow fails to address the ransomware attacks originating from within.


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