The cloud may be the direction most corporate IT is headed today, but it still remains a major source of security problems. About 98% of all companies in a recent survey said they had had a cloud-related security breach in the past 18 months.

Today a startup called Laminar, with $ 37 million in funding from the stealth, is coming up with a solution to address the effects of this problem in public cloud architecture, specifically with an “agentless” technology that supposedly monitors for data leaks and can fix them faster than other cloud security approaches on the market.

Funding is now being announced for the first time around the company’s launch, but it actually comes in two tranches: a $ 32 million Series A, led by Insight Partners, that includes SentinelOne, TLV Partners and Meron Capital , and a $ 5 million seed round.

SentinelOne, a specialist in endpoint security, is the obvious strategic investor on this list, but Insight …

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