For example, Melanie Dawes, chief executive of Ofcom, which regulates social media in the UK, has said that social media platforms need to explain how their code works. And the European Union’s recently passed Digital Services Act, agreed on April 23, will also force platforms to be more transparent. In the US, in February 2022, Democratic senators presented proposals for an Algorithmic Accountability Act. Their goal is to bring new transparency and control over the algorithms that drive our schedules and news feeds and more.

In theory, allowing Twitter’s algorithm to be visible to others and customizable by competitors means that someone could simply copy Twitter’s source code and publish a rebranded version. Much of the internet runs on open-source software – the best known being OpenSSL, a security toolkit used by much of the internet that suffered a major security breach in 2014.

There are even examples of open source social networks…

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