Samsung has always launched cheaper versions of its flagships, at least in name, although the exact branding has changed over the years. From “Mini” to “Lite” to “e” and now “Fan Edition”, the company has used its abundant resources to expand its network widely. The success of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, despite its shortcomings, may have convinced Samsung to adjust the price for the next flagship. If the sources are correct, the base Galaxy S21 could be the cheapest premium flagship since 2016.

There are various factors that could be credited or held responsible for this reported price change. The pandemic has definitely impacted the global economy, pushing consumers to look for cheaper phones. The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, or FE, arrived at exactly this opportune time, and its popularity even in the US may have influenced the company’s pricing strategy, at least according to Korean media.

Industry sources claim that the base Galaxy S21 could be priced at around 980,000 KRW. That’s more than $ 900. Given the way world prices work, that could mean as much as $ 899 in the US. While that’s still expensive, it’s significantly cheaper than the $ 999 that the Galaxy S20 started out with earlier this year.

If so, it could be the lowest number a Samsung flagship has seen since the $ 750 Galaxy S7 four years ago. Given that prices have kept getting higher over the years, such a change almost sounds too good to be true. It definitely could be that it is too early to put any stocks in this speculation.

Still, the Galaxy S20 doesn’t look like $ 999 anyway. If this year’s Samsung flagships give any indication, it could come with a plastic or “glasstic” along with a flat panel display, a minimal set of cameras, and no extra features. It would definitely help put Samsung in a more positive light if it had such an affordable flagship without the “Lite” or “Fan Edition”.

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