Call of Duty: Vanguard offers an unprecedented level of customization with its 10 weapon attachments per weapon – one of which can be equipped to speed up the game’s tedious weapon leveling process.

The latest CoD rate, vanguard, kicked off after its release on November 5th, and fans are jumping headfirst into the game’s multiplayer modes to try them out.

For many players the ultimate goal every year Call of Duty title maximizes their weapons and unlocks masterful camouflages, and Vanguard is no different. The latest offering from Sledgehammer has some jaw-dropping rewards for players who complete all of the game’s weapon challenges.

While these skins are tempting, many feel that Vanguard’s camouflage is dragging on was turned up until eleven. Fortunately, players can speed up their Gun XP gains (and shorten the stealth loop) by using a specific attachment: Surplus.


If you are looking for the masterful Vanguard camouflages, this essay is for you.

The CoD Vanguard attachment reduces weapon leveling

As the discussion about Vanguard’s gun grinding raged on social media, Call of Duty community manager Shaun Akerman stepped in to offer some advice on an easy way to speed up the process.

“Professional tip: the Surplus Kit [attachment] gives +20 XP in base, operator, weapon and clan XP per kill, ”he said on Twitter, before confirming:“ This also adds +20 to Battle Pass XP. ”

The fans were amazed, and some said they had no idea the attachment even existed. “What is excess?” one player asked: “I haven’t heard or seen anything about it? Do I live under a rock? “

Fortunately, another Vanguard camouflage grinder came up with a helpful explanation and said that this particular attachment can be found under the “Kit” slot in Vanguard’s Gunsmith.

Others thanked Akerman for clearing up the perk’s confusing description. “It’s amazing to know because it’s not entirely clear [in-game]”, Said one player, while another remarked,” Wow, I really thought there was only “+1” XP per kill, as they said [in the gunsmith]. “

If Surplus isn’t part of your Vanguard arsenal yet, this is the perfect time to drop it in and speed up the weapon level grind – you’re well on your way to unlocking the coveted ones Skins for gold, diamond and nuclear weapons in the blink of an eye.

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