Google is poised to launch its first smartwatch, which is rumored to be called that and a brand fill pixel clock, this year. A group of Google employees apparently left a prototype at a restaurant recently, lending credence to reports and renders that said the wearable would have a round display, a minimalist design, and a crown for navigation. The clock battery capacity has now leaked.
A pre-release that Business Insider What we learned last year lasted a day on a single charge and the expectation was that the final version would offer longer battery life.

According to today’s report, the Pixel Watch packs a 300mAh battery. According to a previous rumor, it’s 40mm wide, and for comparison, the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which comes with a smaller 247mAh battery, lasts almost 24 hours. The Pixel Watch will reportedly be thicker and heavier than the Galaxy Watch 4, which means it appears to have more room for a comparatively larger battery and potentially run a little longer.

Other comparable models are the Fossil Gen 6 and the Skagen Falster Gen 6, both of which need to be charged every night.
The Pixel Watch is most likely powered by one chip from Samsungperhaps the same underlying the latest Galaxy watches, so optimization seems to be the only thing that can extend battery life beyond 24 hours.
Today’s report also states that the Pixel Watch will offer cellular connectivity, but it’s not clear if that will apply to all three rumored models.

Google’s first smartwatch will run the jointly developed Wear OS 3 platform of the Mountain View giant and Samsung, and since the company now owns Fitbit, the watch will likely also include Fitbit integration and might also borrow some health sensors from the brand.

The watch will reportedly only be available in a few markets and is expected to cost between $300 and $400, which would make it slightly more expensive than the Galaxy Watch 4, which starts at $249.99, but potentially a little cheaper than that Apple Watch 7, which starts at $399.

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