The first solid Pixel 6 Black Friday deal is live thanks to Best Buy. We may be a week early, but shopping that early is likely the move for the 2021 shopping season. Take advantage of this when you can, especially if shipping times are already slipping.

Best buy, as Target intends to do, cut the price of the unlocked Pixel 6 by $ 50. However, if you “activate” with Best Buy today, that discount will be increased to $ 100. Depending on how you’d like to buy a Pixel 6, you can get one for just $ 499 or $ 549.

That $ 499 price is for the 128GB model. Best Buy also slashes the 256GB model, which would be $ 599 or $ 649.

This, to be clear as possible, is a damn good deal. The Pixel 6 is a really nice phone (our review) on its own, but when you combine all of its specs with the original $ 599 price tag, it was already the best value for money on smartphones. With a discount of up to $ 100, it feels like we’re robbing someone.

Not very many of the Pixel 6 models are actually in stock today. Most will have to be shipped to you unless you are lucky enough to find a local store with a lot of them. Either way, this is the Black Friday deal for the Pixel 6, and you’ll want to look for it.

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