The Pfizer BioNTech Coronavirus The vaccine, once announced, became the target of conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns, reaching millions of people on sites like Twitter, Reddit and 4chan, according to a recent analysis by a cyber defense company.

COVID-19 conspiracy reports, such as the false assumption that the vaccine was delayed for political reasons, flourished on social networks in the fall and early winter, according to New York tech security firm Blackbird. The company developed an algorithm to analyze posts in real time by looking for signals that CEO Wasim Khaled calls “synthetic reinforcement” that indicate the activity of botnets and anti-vaccination influencers.

Those misconceptions about the vaccines, compounded by a relatively small number of fake accounts and real influencers, reached millions of people, Khaled said.

An algorithm discovered that COVID-19 conspiracies increased when the Pfizer vaccine was announced in 2020.


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