The Nothing Phone (1) will initially only be sold through an invitation system


Entering the consumer tech market is a challenge, no matter which segment you choose. Nothing that from former founded companies OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei has already managed to overcome the hurdles of such an achievement with his first product Nothing ear (1), launched in 2021. Now the Nothing company is preparing to do the same, but in what is arguably a much tougher and more competitive environment with its first attempt at a smartphone. Of course we’re talking about them Nothing phone (1) this has been continuously teased by both the company itself and leakers.

However, unlike already established tech giants with household names like Apple and Samsung, Nothing doesn’t have the resources to produce millions of units right off the bat. That’s why Carl Pei’s Nothing takes a page out of the book of his last company and will initially sell the Nothing Phone (1) to a selected group of people via an invitation system.

This information comes straight from Nothing’s latest Hype/promotional video for the Nothing Phone (1)where Pei explains the following:

He later adds that the phone will go to the people who deserve it the most first, i.e. the early supporters of the company. OnePlus had very similar tactics in its early days when it came out with its first handset, the OnePlus 1.

Thankfully, unlike the OnePlus 1, the Nothing Phone (1) will spread to a wider audience after initially selling to early backers and community members, so we won’t have to wait too long for the phone to be generally available. That being said, the US market may have to wait another year or so.

While OnePlus only sold its first phones via invites, those who managed to buy one also had the option of inviting their friends to do the same. Nothing of the sort mentioned yet, but there is a way to incorporate that “friendship system” here as well.

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