The Nothing Phone 1 shows its party trick, a glowing back cover


Nothing has updated its audience in recent months while revealing very little about its smartphone. But that changed yesterday when Nothing revealed an image of its forthcoming smartphone, the Nothing Phone 1. With impeccable timing, a new video has appeared online, giving us a better look at the back and the party trick that goes with it.

Youtube channel That can be something uploaded a video from a Nothing event in Switzerland. Of course, many people attended, so this probably won’t be the last time you see or hear about this event. Despite the lack of information about the phone, the company showed off the newly unveiled back of the device. The transparent back doesn’t really show us much of the inside of the phone, but the aesthetic looks clean and modern. The video footage gives us our best look yet and to be honest it looks a lot better on the footage than the recently released promotional images.

Aside from showing more of the back of the phone, it was also officially announced that the phone would support LED lighting. Nothing has teased this lighting feature for quite some time, giving us hints with some of their tweets, some of which date back already in March. The company continued tease this feature with tweets like “Let there be light”. As a final note before the event, the Nothing team posted a video shows the phone 1 under a mosaic, with lighting on the entire display. Of course, because of the mosaic, it was difficult to tell if it was illuminating or just reflecting light.

As much has been shown, there is still a piece of the puzzle missing when it comes to aesthetics. Carl Pei and the Nothing team have yet to show what the front of the handset will look like. No doubt you keep some things close to the vest for the upcoming event. Nothing will be holding an event in London where the Nothing Phone 1 is expected to be unveiled on July 12th. The company appears to be marketing the phone based on its looks. Hopefully this doesn’t backfire.

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