We’re in a relatively quiet time for Switch releases while we wait Sky sword‘s remaster will be released in July. Fortunately, today is the arrival of a new one $ 10 calculator app on the Nintendo console, which is designed to prevent too much dust from building up on your computer in the coming months. Hell yes. Mathematics.

The app that was discovered by Eurogamer, literally just means “calculator” and is published by Sabec. It’s a single player that unfortunately rules out any team-based computation, and it works in TV and handheld modes according to the product page. We wouldn’t be sure if we didn’t point out that the app bears a notable resemblance to the app iPhone old calculator appHowever, since it’s a nonprofit, it’s possible the app just owes it some inspiration The classic design by Dieter Rams.

Image: Sabec / Nintendo

In contrast to Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles and even Nintendo’s earlier machinesThe Switch doesn’t have much to do with non-gaming apps. There is no Netflix, Spotify, or other software component that we expected that would appear on virtually any screen electronics. But now it finally has a calculator app. Thank you God.

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